Who We Are

We are a highly experienced team of dedicated UK & US personal tax experts, providing a friendly, efficient and reliable service.
Each of us has extensive experience of UK and US taxes and the unique interaction between them, and we offer you a coordinated approach, with one point of contact.

Our Clients

We have a diverse range of clients, from all walks of life, and from across the globe, and we have therefore come across most issues that are likely to impact your personal tax situation. We assist many US individuals who live (or have lived ) in the UK and support them with US and UK tax compliance and advisory services as required. We also act for a number of UK persons residing abroad (many of whom are in the US) as well as Nationals from many other countries who are living or working in the UK and have UK and/or US tax filing requirements.

Tax rules in the UK and US have become increasingly complex in recent years. Allen Associates has been providing US and UK tax reporting, compliance and advisory services since 2006 and can help you with:

What We Can Do For You

UK Tax Compliance

We can prepare your UK Tax Return and guide you through the ever changing rules, whether you live in the UK or overseas.

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Disclosures —Bringing Your Affairs Up To Date

Failure to file tax returns or to report all of your income can result in severe penalties, and this something that both the UK and US governments are increasingly focused on. We can help you bring your tax affairs up to date in the most efficient and painless way.

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US Tax Compliance

Most US citizens, Greencard holders and residents have to file US tax returns even if they live outside the US. We can prepare your Federal and State Tax Returns, Foreign Financial account re- porting and other forms required by the IRS.

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Tax Planning & Advice

We can also help you plan for upcoming changes to your tax position, and help you cope with a multitude of Expatriate tax issues such as mitigation of double taxation, remittance planning and becoming deemed domiciled in the UK.

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